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Number of factors play a role in business expansion and competition performance plays a vital role. Monitoring the competition in particular their pricing strategy and offerings will help you position your product in order to boost your sales and revenues. It’s also not about simply checking and beating our competitors prices – a loss leader strategy isn’t practical for most businesses. It’s about about achieving greater profitability through the effective use of data.


Running a successful business is about reading historical data correctly based on which we can predict the future trend. By tracking progress monthly against an annual budget, a company can determine what it needs to do to stay on track and meet year-end goals. LivingRivals' historical data is a decision making tool and gives its users the power to take informed decision specially when you know how your competition is playing out.


The word competition and its variants are quite misleading in business. LivingRivals intelligent core helps it to identify and eliminate companies which are not directly or indirectly in competition. The connectors of LivingRivals understand each companies core offering and will cross mark if they are not in the similar business lines although one may perceive from outside as direct competition.